15-19 November 2017: ASTUCON 2017, Academic Student Conference, Larnaca

November 7-10, 2017: Europort 2017 (Europort exhibition for maritime technology), Rotterdam Ahoy
November 27, 2017 : Visit to Kykkos Lyceum B, Nicosia

On November 17 from 15:00 to 16:00, Georgios Georgiou and Tasos Matsikaris presented the MENTOR project and discussed with interested students its goals and the opportunities for a blue career in Cyprus.

The conference was coorganized by the European Association of Erasmus Coordinators (EAEC), the European Association of Career Guidance (EACG) and the THALES Foundation of Cyprus. The Academic Student Conference is designed to provide a platform for university students to participate in a conference either through presenting their own work, projects, theses, or through attending lectures and workshops, thus promoting a platform for students to share their work/research, connect with other social circles with which they have a shared interests and thus promoting the cooperation between the students from different universities.

More info: http://www.astucon.eu/