2018 June 4: Training Career Counsellors for the NEET project, University of Nicosia

2018 May 31 – June 1: European Maritime Day (EMD), Burgas, Bulgaria
2018 June 6: Blue GrowthWorkshop, Sea days, Piraeus, Greece

The aim of the Workshop was to provide information and train Career Counselors in the framework of the project entitled “Counseling and Career Guidance for ‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’ (ΝΕΕΤ) People”. The aim of the project is to strengthen the offer of Counselling Services  and Career Guidance to 4000 NEET aged 15-24, including all those entitled to free access to the labor market in Cyprus. Monica Andreou (CCCI) presented MENTOR on June 4, 2018, discussed with interested Counselors about blue careers and answered their questions.

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