2018 November 22: Blue Economy call 2018: Blue Careers, Blue Labs and Grants for the Blue Economy

2018 November 17-18: Cyprus Shipping Chamber Career Fair: Shipping “A Sea of Careers”
2018 November 22: Closing meeting of the BBMBC (Blue Biotechnology Master for a Blue Career) project, Bordeaux, France

DG MARE organized this event on the 22 November 2018 (09:00 – 14:00) in order to announce the launch of the new EMFF call 2018 and to present successful projects from the previous 2016 call. The aim was to showcase 5 projects, have for each a brief pitch and give the project representatives an opportunity to provide a feedback on the way the project went, lessons learnt on the 2016 calls and how they see the future. A discussion followed with a high-level panel on how better support innovation in the blue economy. The MENTOR project has been selected as one of these projects. Zacharias Siokouros (MARINEM) presented MENTOR and also explained some new ideas about a new platform to be named “A Sea of Experience”.