Work Package 1

WP1: Project management [OC-UCY]



  • To ensure the delivery of the project on time and within the budget.
  • To coordinate the advisory, mentoring, educational and scientific orientation of the project.
  • To guarantee high-quality standards at all levels and to guarantee the accomplishment of the objectives.
  • To ensure that the project maintains its relevance towards the objectives of the program.
  • To manage resources, monitor the overall project performance and manage risks, ethics, and contingencies.
  • To establish appropriate relationships and communication channels with the funding actors as well as between consortium partners.

Description of work

T1.1 Administrative and Overall Management (Start: M1, End: M24)

Leader: OC-UCY Contributors: All
The main role of the Coordinator (OC-UCY) is the overall management of the project regarding the administrative issues and the preparation and consolidation of the periodic and annual reports (financial part). The coordinator will assume responsibility for appointing the Project Officer, formulating propositions for possible modifications of the work plan, supervising contacts with all external organisations, delivering all types of reports and deliverables. The Project coordinator will also verify the progress of work according to the project time schedule, monitor resource usage, budget allocation and project cash flow. This task includes scheduling, organizing and reporting (Quarterly management reports (QMR), Annual Periodic Review Reports (APRR), final report), coordination of information flow, organizing of periodic Project Board meetings for project progress review, decision making and potential conflict resolution. In addition, this task includes establishing and maintaining financial records, coordination of costs submission, preliminary checks of individual costs against known criteria (contractual commitments, progress reports, and delivery of results) and consolidation of cost, follow-up of EC/EASME payments and distribution of partner shares. Finally, within this task the networking management will be also considered to promote the knowledge transfer among existing or new consortiums with similar objectives.

T1.2 Quality Assurance (Start: M1, End: M24)

Leader: OC-UCY Contributors: All
This task will set up a Quality Control Group consisting of the Project Coordinator, the Technical Manager, the Quality Manager, Users Representative and a person in charge of Standards. A quality plan will be produced at the beginning of the project (M3) that describes in detail the quality requirements of the project and the respective guidelines in order to achieve this quality level.

T1.3 Risk Management (Start: M1, End: M24)

Leader: NTUA Contributors: All
Furthermore, a detailed contingency plan will be delivered for the technical and other objectives of the project that will be continuously updated during the project lifetime. A detailed risk assessment will be performed for all modules that comprise the project, along with the proposed mitigation actions following well established methodologies (e.g. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis).

T1.4 Ethics Management (M1, M24)

Leader: NTUA Contributors: All
Furthermore, an Ethical Advisory Board will be established (EAB) during month 6 of the project, to provide ongoing support to the consortium concerning ethical and legal issues. The main tasks and responsibilities of the EAB will be to ensure that the project is proceeding in an ethically acceptable manner. Furthermore, this task will identify and include all relevant national and international European legislation and directives related to the countries where the data collection will take place.