Work Package 5

WP5: Dissemination activities [MCB]



  • To ensure general awareness and dissemination activities of the Blue Career Centre (BCC) of East Med-Black Sea project.
  • To create networking and an exploitation plan defining the exploitation model framework (products and services, market, distribution, pricing, etc.) of the Blue Career Centre (BCC) of East Med-Black Sea outputs

Description of work

T5.1. Set up a dedicated project website (Start: M2, End: M24)

Leader: OC-UCY Contributors: All partners
This task includes design, launch and constant update of the website The project website will be constantly updated with information of the project’s on-going activities and results. Usage of the promotional materials will boost the Blue Career Centre (BCC) of East Med-Black Sea awareness, and will provide an additional channel for reaching the project’s target users. The newsletters and publication materials will be exposed at Blue Career Centre (BCC) of East Med-Black Sea partners’ web space, used for disseminated during marketing events, but also through e-mail and publication on the websites of project partners.

T5.2 Organisation of conferences, workshops, events, meetings for dissemination and networking (Start: M2, End: M24)

Leader: Mar.In.E.M. Contributors: All
A series of meetings, workshops, events and conferences will be organized in CY, GR, BU and RO that will bring closer target audience (school children, higher education graduates or persons with a vocational/technical qualification to maritime professions) and Career information specialists. Workshops can be arranged for special groups within a community in each participating Country to generate awareness of the centre and to serve specific needs. For example, an introduction to assessing company information on the Internet might provide an excellent starting point for someone at the outset of a job search. A job club could be established to offer support for unemployed executives or a seminar on entrepreneurship could be offered for people who are starting their own businesses.

T5.3. Project Communication Tools and Activities (M2-M24) (M2, M24)

Leader: MCB Contributors: All partners
The following communication activities will be implemented throughout the project:
⦁ Dissemination in web and social networks. Official website of Blue Career Centre (BCC) of East Med-Black Sea, websites of project partners and blogs, social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google AdWords, will be used for wider dissemination of the project’s scope and results.
⦁ Project newsletters twice a year and press releases, with news and info project activities, events and outputs available.
⦁ Articles and publications in the relevant media, including national business-, innovation-, and technology-related magazines, newspapers, etc. and scientific journals. Articles/reviews will be published in different media in order to introduce the activities of the project (especially media related to Shipping, Cruise, Aquaculture and offshore oil and gas).
⦁ Participation/presentations in events, conferences and workshops.
⦁ Prepare and distribute an executive summary of the final report. An Executive summary of the project’s final reports will be sent to the EASME and to media and journalists who participate/specialise in carrier opportunities in Blue growth initiatives and education and information initiatives. By providing an executive summary of the final report to journalists who specialise in such issues, the aim to make the project’s results more widely known, to those with interests in these issues, with the consortium was not in direct contact during the course of the project.
This task includes: design of project logo and visual material; production of banners, posters, flyers; preparation and sending out the newsletters; production of video material, online advertising material etc.; production of multimedia training for developers.

T5.4. Implementing a Plan of Action (M13-M24) (M13, M24)

Leader: MCB Contributors: All partners
Community support is essential for the successful start-up of a career information centre. The enthusiasm and strong commitment of coordinators, staff and volunteers may be very persuasive in achieving this, but convincing arguments detailing the necessity for the service will also help. It is an important marketing feature to explain precisely how the service will benefit the community. If employers in the selected Blue Growth sectors see that the facility contributes to the development of a stronger and more focused workforce, they will support the centre’s vision and help champion its survival.